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We would like to thank Mark Shhweder for a more than challenging course design!  We would also like to thank Mother Nature for providing everything we had predicted going into the Cauldron. Of course thank you to the volunteers and the racers that endured extreme conditions with heat indexes over 104 degrees.

As midnight (race start) approched, thunderstorms began, but subsideid, giving teams an idea of what was instore.  The weather was going to be scalding, the terrain was going to be brutal, and the navigation was going to be the most challenging. 


With such long segments it was hard to guage which teams were in the lead at anytime. Pangea and Chunk took a little bit extra time on the trek section but it seemed to push them into a nice lead. The same for Hombre de Maiz and Canyoneros/EA Sports on the bike. Canyoneros came off the bike with 31 points to cushion their newly formed lead. At the Main T/A we could tell the heat and humidity were taking its toll on teams.

After a bit of recovery, Dead Reckoning, Pangea and Texas Tribe elected to go out on the water for their second leg of the race. Hombres, 404 Racing and Canyoneroes went trekking around the lake, while storms started to pop up again around Newnan's Lake. FLX Adventures were the only team that headed out to out stretching bike section.  

A majority of the teams decided to rest up before going out on their third and last segment of the race. Canyoneros, FLX and Pangea had swapped leads a few times and it was going to be decided on the paddle for Canyoneros & FLX, and on the bike for Pangea. FLX came in first from the paddle and had a sizeable lead. As Canyoneros came in off the water they held a 13 CP lead over Pangea, and was hard to know whether the bike section coupled with the Sunday heat would cause any trouble for Pangea. The intese conditions proved that they could survive both conditions. Pangea rolled out a 3 CP victory over Canyoneros to take home a $400 credit to the USARA National Championship Race this October.


Team Race Report(s) :


Canyoneros/ EA Sports:


Thank you everyone for coming out and racing Off The Grid's innagural Cauldron Adventure Race. Here are the final standings:



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