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Apex Promoz

At Apex Promoz our goal is to put smiles on people’s faces! We accomplish this by producing special events that are of the highest quality and maintaining a focus on exceptional customer service, family friendly focus and Lagniappe (A little something extra).

FLX Logo.png

Florida XTreme Adventures

Florida Xtreme Adventures is your go to place for all things adventure and outdoors. We host adventure races, outdoor clinics, paddling, off road foot and bike races, and all sorts of other outdoor activities both directly and through our partners.

SingleTrack Samurai Productions

SSP (SingleTrack Samurai Productions) is a group comprised of adventure cycling enthusiasts who create and promote unique and fun ultra cycling events in the Southeast.

Suncoast O Logo.png

Suncoast Orienteering (SOAR)

SOAR stands for Suncoast Orienteering and Adventure Racing. We have hosted some bike orienteering and rogaines, and this year we expect to hold our first canoe orienteering event. However, mostly we are just doing good old ‘foot orienteering’. 

Florida Orienteering

The Florida Orienteering Club is dedicated to promoting the sport of Orienteering in the Central Florida area.   We are a member of the US Orienteering Federation(USOF) which provides support for orienteering in the US, and oversees the rules of the sport.

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